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UNF Spinnaker

During my four years at the Spinnaker, I've had a lot of different roles. I was a reporter and designer, then publisher of the magazine and finally Editor-in-Chief of the entire news team.To see everything I've done with the Spinnaker, click here.

UNF Spinnaker


During my time at the UNF Spinnaker, I served as the Editor-in-Chief, overseeing the news department, for a full year (or three semesters). During that time I worked with the staff to truly turn Spinnaker into a 24-7 digital news operation, with fresh and engaging content populating the website daily, even on weekends and holidays. I oversaw a staff of about 25 paid employees and volunteers, and worked with the other department heads to oversee Spinnaker as a whole. I also oversaw production of all our print publications for 4 semesters, including facilitating the transition away from quarterly features magazines and toward monthly newspapers on special topics.


To do the right thing

When doing the right thing isn't easy, state laws and school policies protect students from lasting ramifications if they seek medical help for drug and alcohol abuse. 

When his girlfriend started having a bad reaction to an LSD tablet, a UNF student was faced with a choice: call for help and face repercussions for illegal actions, or wait and hope that nothing bad happened to his girlfriend. He chose to call for help, earning his girlfriend a ride in the back of an ambulance, but himself a ride in the back of a cop car.


Take Back the Night empowers survivors of domestic violence and abuse

Laura Klimek walks to the stage. She goes swiftly while keeping her eyes to the ground, trying not to lose her nerve. She wears white, her hair pulled back from her face. Taking a deep breath, she addresses the crowd.

“I didn’t really prepare anything,” Klimek said. “I just wanted to share my story.”

Laura Klimek’s story is not a happy one.


Trump rally brings large crowd to Jacksonville Landing

In the morning, it was quiet. The sun was just starting to really shine, and the weather was cool. The water from the St. John’s River was churning just beyond the stage that was already set up with several flags and signs. People methodically moved about their business inside the Jacksonville Landing, while others queued up outside, waiting to come in. Waiting for the show. Waiting for Donald Trump.


Missing student coverage

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Summer 2016
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Crime coverage

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