New details arise in case of killed UNF employee

The man accused of orchestrating a UNF employee’s murder from a jail cell will be continuing his trial for the burglary he was originally accused of.

Jecorian McCray, 23, was arrested for a burglary at Joe Brenton’s home in 2014. McCray was in custody awaiting trial, when police say he became agitated about possibly being convicted.

“Listening to those recorded jail calls we learned that he [McCray] actually had become very concerned about being convicted and set to prison or 15 to 30 years, in his mind, and he started calling his brother Dakari and his girlfriend,” Sheriff Mike Williams said in a news conference.

Police records state that the day before Brenton was killed, Teirnay Shelton, 21, went to the Brenton’s home and attempted to bribe Brenton and his wife not to testify against McCray. The report also stated Shelton is McCray’s girlfriend.

“Take back your statements; money no object,” Shelton told Brenton’s wife when she answered the door, the report states. When Brenton’s wife told Shelton the statement was on video and could not be taken away, Shelton asked if they could change their statement to say McCray was allowed to be in the home. Again, Brenton’s wife said they could not.

Cassidy Alexander