$15,000 burglary led to alleged false imprisonment incident

Three UNF students were burglarized April 25, resulting in the loss of approximately $15,000 in firearms, ammunition, jewelry, computers, cash and other belongings, according to an incident report from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

One of the UNF students burglarized was Matthew I. Khosrozadeh, who was later charged with false imprisonment in a separate incident related to this burglary. Spinnaker previously reported Khosrozadeh and Clayton D. Cook forced a man into their vehicle and repeatedly hit him, according to police records. Cook is not listed as a victim on the police report from the burglary.

Officers state in the report from Khosrozadeh’s arrest they obtained his cell phone containing a video of him holding the victim, hitting him and demanding to know who robbed his house.

Cassidy Alexander