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I worked with the News4Jax I-TEAM to conduct research and interviews, compile data and write scripts for web and broadcast. 



At News4Jax I worked primarily with the Investigative Team to create long-form stories for TV. I sifted through data, conducted research and vetted sources. I also went on interviews and helped write scripts for web and broadcast. Ultimately, I learned a lot about telling stories with a combination of hard facts and data, and personal stories and voices.

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Couple fights to regain custody of Liberty Belle

I-TEAM uncovers criminal history with other adoptive family members

The odds were against Liberty Belle Phillips from the day she was born.

On July 4, 2015, she was born with methadone and THC in her system, according to court documents. When she was 4 months old, she was found neglected at a trolley station with her mother, Davida Phillips, passed out nearby. Five days after that, she was found in her car seat in a public bathroom, her mother again passed out nearby -- with a cocktail of drugs in her system.

At that time, Liberty was living with her mother in a local safe house for domestic abuse victims to escape Bradley Hornback, Liberty’s abusive father, court documents said. He had been arrested recently and charged with beating Davida.

Bradley Hornback has a documented history of abusing women. In 2009, he was charged with beating another woman who was pregnant with his child, and was charged again in 2011 for beating that same woman in front of their child.

According to that police report, he was “enraged” over where the child would be sleeping. At the time, the Department of Children and Families stepped in for that child. It did the same for Liberty in October 2015.

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Hand, foot and mouth disease hits UNF campus

Nearly 2 dozen FSU students infected by virus in mid-September

Officials at the University of North Florida have identified eight cases of hand, foot and mouth disease on campus, and anticipate even more cases.

“I would expect there are some people on campus who are not coming in [to Student Health Services],” UNF Nurse Practitioner Pat Richards told News4Jax Friday.  

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New cases of hand, foot and mouth disease continue to show up at FSU

Since the outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease at Florida State University on Sept. 12, officials at the school have seen a total of 56 cases of the illness as of Monday. 

The university only saw one new case on on Sept. 30, according to Christopher DeLisle, medical director at FSU. 

“I’m very optimistic that we will start trending down now, with all the precautions we’ve taken,” DeLisle told News4Jax Monday.