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At the Florida Times-Union, I primarily wrote features and news articles for the speciality publications section. Beyond that, I worked on several project stories throughout the semester. 

The Florida Times-Union

During my senior internship with the Florida Times-Union, I was responsible for writing stories for the Drive and Home sections, as well as pitching and writing stories for the news department. I wrote feature stories about events and people in the area, and wrote longer news pieces that compiled information and made it relevant to the audience. I worked with editors to come up with new angles for covering annual events; I took photographs to illustrate the stories I wrote; I interviewed members of the community and developed sources; I completed records requests and used data to communicate to the audeince. In the end, I learned a lot about telling a good story.

Millennials seek tech features and affordability in their next vehicle

When my editor asked me to go to the recently held Jacksonville International Auto Show and write about millennials buying cars, I wasn’t thrilled with the assignment.

Me, a 21-year-old broke female college student who treats her car as a closet and occasionally a place to nap between classes, was not particularly interested in going to a car show where (I assumed) a bunch of rich people would be walking around trying to pick a new car to add to their collection. But I went, for obvious reasons, and I was surprised.

Hope Fund: Former addict wants to share her story, caution others

Doris Haugabook no longer shies away from her past.

“Ask me the hard questions,” she says, “so the truth can come out.”

Haugabook says that she has to live with the truth — and by that by telling her story, she’s setting herself free from it.

And that story is not a happy one.


When it comes to security, officials at JIA work to ‘harden the target’

Two or three times a week, authorities are called to investigate reports of suspicious people at Jacksonville International Airport. Calls about unattended luggage are nearly constant, they say.

“[Police] don’t mind investigating 100 false reports,” Jacksonville Aviation Authority CEO Steve Grossman said, “because you never know when there’s going to be one real one.”

Capt. Don Dingman’s ‘Hook the Future’ clinic is a prized catch for young anglers

Ten years ago, an 11-year-old boy went to a boat show with his parents. He had a fascination with fishing, but his parents weren’t familiar with the past time and couldn’t teach him more about it.

He spent every Saturday morning watching “Hook the Future,” a show hosted by Capt. Don Dingman that brings kids to different locations and teaches them about fishing by letting them do everything — from piloting the boat to catching the fish.

So his parents took him to Dingman’s “Hook the Future” kids clinic, held annually at several state and East Coast boat shows — like the Jacksonville Boat Show that opens 11a.m. Friday at the Prime Osborn Convention Center.

Confident shoppers keep Jacksonville Boat Show dealers busy

The 70th annual Jacksonville Boat Show was one of the highest-attended shows in a decade, as consumers confident in the current economy turned out by the thousands to look at and buy boats.

Jacksonville Marine Association President Rusty Gardner said 6,758 people attended the three-day show that ended Sunday at the Prime Osborn Convention Center — more than 1,000 than last year.


Optimistic outlook

2016 real estate market strongest in decade, growth expected to continue

Home sales in Northeast Florida in 2016 were the highest they’ve been since 2006, according to the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors, and the Jacksonville market is expected to continue growing.

“In a nutshell, things are looking good this year,” said Marc Jernigan, NEFAR president and broker associate at EXIT Real Estate Gallery.

Almost 28,000 homes were sold in the Northeast Florida market in 2016, which topped the 2015 number by about 1,000. The average sales price is also increasing, Jernigan said — the average home sold for $227,000 in 2016.

Jacksonville RV MegaShow introduces folks to adventurous lifestyle

The RV life isn’t for everyone, but if the Jacksonville RV MegaShow is any indication, it’s for a lot of people.

A record 9,000 people attended last week’s four-day event at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center — the majority interested in entering or enhancing the unrestrained RV lifestyle.