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At the Daytona Beach News-Journal, I cover Volusia County Schools — a district with 60,000 students. I cover the active education community, which includes writing about everything from test scores and the superintendent’s performance, to teacher profiles and student clubs. The News-Journal is a daily paper on the east coast of Florida.

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Tallahassee yoga shooter was fired as Volusia teacher amid complaints he touched, ‘stared’ at girls

The Deltona man who shot two women to death and wounded five other people at a Tallahassee yoga studio before killing himself on Friday was fired from a full-time teaching position in Volusia County and later his job as a substitute amid allegations that he touched a middle school student, stared at girls and repeatedly put his hands down his pants.

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Guardians keep watchful eye over Volusia County elementary schools

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Andrew Gillum, Ron DeSantis education plans gloss over what matters most to Volusia and Flagler counties

In their very different plans, neither candidate addresses what Volusia and Flagler district officials have long marked as a priority: the state’s funding formula that strips money from the local districts every year.

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Volusia County declares impasse after 16-hour negotiation session fails to reach deal with teachers

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Volusia County teachers vexed at district move to take old printers from classrooms

Outrage and indignation from teachers. A 90-minute grilling at a Volusia County School Board meeting. The announcement that teachers will stop doing any work they aren’t contractually obligated to do.

All of these recent events can be traced back, at least partially, to the same issue: printers.

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Volusia County an outlier by not splitting costs for school security

Faced with a $4 million budget deficit caused in part by a state mandate to increase campus security, the Volusia school district has looked to the county for help — help, it turns out, that nearly every other Central Florida county already provides.